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Dedicated to protecting public health and the environment.

NERRI is an innovative computerized management and communication tool dedicated to the protection of public health and the environment. Nerri-Management was designed for water managers, in particular local authorities, to meet their need for wastewater management, which requires centralization and sharing of information. The goal is to facilitate the performance of their work and the application of the Q-2, r.22 regulations, for which they are responsible.


Epidemiological Platform

CETO is an epidemiological platform intended for the monitoring and progression of several pathogenic agents for human and animal populations.

CETO is the result of an approach made in partnership with the CentrEau university research group and a private consortium represented by OClair Environnement.

The application helps track sewage test results, nasal swabs, saliva tests, surface tests and animal samples.

Following the analyzes and their results, the recommendations and actions of public health, as well as those of government authorities, can be configured according to the specific needs of the targeted area.