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We simplify your water management issues.


OClair Environnement specializes in the development of Web and Mobile platforms aimed at protecting public health and the environment.

About us

Stemming from a need for structuring in the field of water and contaminants management, we develop unique computerized tools.

Whether in the field of epidemiology or the application of laws and regulations on wastewater and drinking water, we facilitate the work of responders.

We create synergy, the result of teamwork and a collaborative approach with the various stakeholders.

Based on a sustainable development approach, we place the citizen at the heart of our concerns.


Simplify your wastewater management.

Nerri, A structuring management and communication platform. Manage all types of septic systems under your jurisdiction.


From taking samples to making decisions.

An application that detects outbreaks, warns stakeholders and protects the population.